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Issue #28 Tuesday, 09 July, 2024 CLBS News & Insights Edition

CLBS’s Sporty New Year Start

press picture February 2014

"Get together and do something good" is the motto that CLBS Ltd. chose for early January. With its sponsorship of the Trip for Justice the company made its own mark for social justice in South East Asia. The charity walk has been running for the last 5 years and is growing increasingly popular. As team spirit and social awareness are distinctive attributes of the corporate culture of CLBS Ltd. the company involved its employees in the Trio for Justice Project. Some of them indicated their athleticism by their participation in the run and others supported the charity event by volunteering. The company rewarded great athletes with major sporting achievements and honorable social awareness. By participating and sponsoring this event, CLBS Ltd. not only strengthened the cohesion amongst its staff but also demonstrated social responsibility. To double the good deeds the company also invited the children of The Stratton ABC Foundation to take part in the charity walk. CLBS Ltd. have helped to support the children’s home for a couple of years now and so knew about the kids’ new hoppy. One of their current projects is called "Walk for their futures". The idea behind this new found hobby fits perfectly with the ambition of the Trio of Justice charity walk. For CLBS Ltd. it was a sport start to the New Year and a clear sign for internal and external solidarity. Learn more about the job opportunities at CLBS Ltd. and find further information on the company’s homepage.

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