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Issue #28 Thursday, 11 July, 2024 CLBS News & Insights Edition

Team Building Event - CLBS goes white water rafting

press picture September 2020

CLBS Ltd. - an employee focused company in Chiang Mai, took their employees on an adventurous field trip at the 8Adventures camp in Mae Taeng to build a culture of teamwork and to support local businesses at the same time.

"Our 2- hour whitewater rafting sounded like a very long journey, but the time went by so fast and was filled with lots of fun. Some of the sections gave us adrenaline rushes, some of them were surprisingly relaxing and calm. Every second of this 10 km rafting trip was breathtaking scenery; Spectacular flora and fauna, bright blue skies and bubbling white waters."

"At first, the surging white rapids looked a little intimidating for some of us, but once we were all sitting in our places, paddles in hands, we felt confident because there were so many safety professionals around us. Each group had its own trained leader from 8Adventures, and we felt like they truly knew every single rock in the river."

Those are messages from the staff. They all had an exciting wet 'n' wild day out joining the 10 km whitewater rafting activity where they gained teamship and new adventurous experience.

Despite the fact that some of the team members were first-time rafters, the organizer had less concern since they've already made sure that the team was getting excellent services and being under the protective and caring wings of the 8Adventures team. Quality proved by the team of world class adventure enthusiasts; two-time world champion kayaker Eric and his crews.

Was everyone safe and sound and happy being surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Mae Taeng river? All evidence is in the photos!

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