Your job’s advantages and the benefits of working in Thailand

What we do?

We are an outsourcing-company which assists small and medium-size companies as well as freelancers throughout Europe and Asia which is supported by the Board of Investment here in Thailand.

At CLBS you support our clients by taking on some of their daily tasks at busy, or stressful times. You are the 'helping hand in the background' that will be relied upon by our clients whenever they can't take care of their incoming phone calls themselves personally. Your primary tasks will be the receipt and handling of customer enquiries by phone – regarding various topics and for various clients, therefore quick-thinking and multi-tasking skills will be required.

We work in teams of 10 – 20 people, who undergo constant training in order to be able to handle customer queries. Continual education will guarantee that each employee is able to fulfill their given role.


The CLBS community is warm and welcoming. With such diverse individuals come a range of varying activities in Thailand they each enjoy being a part of, from fishing...

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Staff Testimonial


The most interesting thing about working at CLBS is meeting all the different people who have sta...