The most interesting thing about working at CLBS is meeting all the different people who have started the same journey as you, working abroad in a country quite far away from home. Chiang Mai as a city has a lot to offer while still not feeling as busy as a big city. You will keep discovering new favourite places and exploring nice getaways inside and outside the city.

CLBS is making it possible for foreigners to live here by taking care of all the complicated visa application and renewal processes. Additionally, employees get a free 15-minute massage once a week in their paid working time. Several events throughout the year, as well as team meetings, give you a nice opportunity to connect with your colleagues outside of your working hours.

CLBS also tries to give back to the community in different ways. Everybody is encouraged to donate clothes and other useful and nice things to a local orphanage once a year and to come to the event there to meet the children, play and eat with them, and have a nice time. Also, there is the clean-up day, when we work together to make Chiang Mai a cleaner place by removing garbage from the streets in the city centre.

If you are interested in coming here to work with us, the best strategy is to just be open and be yourself. Most importantly: be curious and excited about this adventure. :)

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