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Issue #16 Tuesday, 16 April, 2024 CLBS News & Insights Edition

CLBS, Leading the Way for Safer Work Environments

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“The well-being of our team members, our CLBS family, and all who visit our office, is our highest priority. We remain diligent in our commitment to provide a safe, hospitable environment for all who enter our doors” says Matthias Schenk, Managing Director of CLBS Ltd.

When it comes to the health and safety of their employees during the COVID 19 pandemic, Chiang Mai Lanna Business Services Ltd., really works hard to deliver a hygienic environment, both inside and outside its working spaces.

Now, during this difficult period, their work as an outsourcing-company, assisting small and medium-sized companies, has been in even more demand.

That is why they have set very high standards to give their team members the safest and most enjoyable working environment. And this comes with the following measures:

  • Regular disinfection of offices
  • Systematic cleaning of frequently touched areas
  • Provision of hand sanitizers at all entrances
  • Each employee provided with the following pack
    • An alcohol spray
    • A hand sanitizer gel
    • CLBS washable face mask with filters
    • An organic dry clean hand sanitizer
    • CLBS cutlery set (to avoid sharing cutlery in the kitchen)
    • CLBS tumbler (to avoid sharing cup)
    • CLBS reusable and washable seat cover
  • Transparent workstation screens installed to protect employees from spittle and splashes
  • Communication channel created to disseminate official COVID-19 information
  • Situation updates displayed on the communal kitchen’s TV and company news board
  • Prominent display of house rules
  • Wear a face mask while talking to colleagues, when entering the office and the meeting rooms/areas
  • Disinfect hands when entering the office, before and after the meeting
  • Keep social distancing
  • Limit numbers of people in the meeting rooms to ensure social distancing
  • Encourage all employees to use messenger, video chats and other tools to communicate virtually instead of in-person
  • Set health and hygiene measures for CLBS massage room and CLBS Kindergarten
  • Sterilize all passports by using UV sterilizer
  • Confirmed all employees are covered for the COVID-19 medication by the company’s private health insurance

CLBS has always been a pioneer in high care standards for their staff, which is why, a few years ago, they created a kindergarten plus a massage room within the office’s premise.

Parents can go to work with complete peace of mind, and everyone can enjoy a complimentary massage during work time. COVID-19 precautions have been extended to these two areas as well.

Chiang Mai Lanna Business Services Ltd. (CLBS Ltd.) is an outsourcing- company which assists small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers throughout Europe and Asia. They are supported by the Board of Investment of Thailand. For further details, please contact: or call 053-904 748

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