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Issue #39 Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 CLBS News & Insights Edition

CLBS goes green

We are all responsible for out nature’s resources and the future of the earth. We all know about global warming and the outcomes of the Greenhouse Effect the rising sea levels, droughts, floods, respiratory problems, famines etc. All of us have an influence on global warming in many ways and that is why everyone can work together to prevent it.

The CLBS Green Team, founded in 2010, was created to collaborate ideas by developing environment and social responsibility within the company. The Green Team provided employees with information about how to save energy, bought plants for the offices to inspire the employees to care and appreciate them, as well as organized the planting of trees at Wat Palad Temple. Furthermore, new employees have been receiving a fabric bag as part of their welcome gift, to encourage them to not use and dispose of non-biodegradable plastic bags as well as to reduce packaging waste. The CLBS Green Team also provides re-usable plastic containers for daily food orders for their employees.

Additionally, the Green Team created and office space with low environmental impact. The newest project took place in collaboration with the company SoLuXima in March 2012, SoLuXima’s ( primary aim is to provide the public and consumers with premium energy saving products. Using SoLuXima’s LED lights, we replaced all the neon lamps on the 6th floor of our building.

Earlier, in February CLBS used 938 kWh of energy for lighting on just one floor, which is approximately 481.55 kg of CO2 emission in Thailand. The reduction of CO2 compared to February from having changed the lamps is 50%, which means a total CO2 economization of 6 tons a year. In lamps on the other two floors, for a further reduction of energy usage.

The change of the lamps does not only have a positive impact on the energy usage but also on the health of our employees. Compared to neon lights, LED lights do not cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness and allergies. As the well-being of our employees is an important concern to our management, all the employees of CLBS were given the opportunity to sign up for out Anti-Smoking campaign earlier in January. Any employee who was willing to give up smoking at work for at least one year would receive an additional day’s holiday.

In March the annual software Camp took place, where students of the college of Arts, Media and Technology worked on different projects regarding software development collaborating with CLBS. This year’s idea was to develop an application for mobile devices (iPhone or Android) helping to fight and create awareness of the current air pollution. All 57 students worked very hard and the results made us very proud. The best three teams were awarded in the closing event on 30 March 2012.

The winner was the aptly named “We said so” Team. They designed an app where you could find your current location and identify different levels of air pollution by photographs to estimate the degree and how it would influence your health.

There is a new-modeled calculation from German researchers. It shows that a turnaround regarding the climate change is still possible. To make this calculation real, each one of us has to work together to start decreasing CO2 emission, world-wide from 2020, by promoting renewable resources.

Our aim is to become as green as possible and to encourage our employees to be conscious of their environmental and social responsibilities. All of which is motivation enough for our CLBS Green Team to continue with their work. We are always happy to receive new ideas and advice on ways to protect the environment.

We should always keep in mind: The earth and the air we breathe are our livelihood.

And if you are interested in working with our multinational, environmentally friendly company, just have a look at the job advertisements on our homepage. We are always looking for new motivated people to join our team.