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Issue #28 Tuesday, 09 July, 2024 CLBS News & Insights Edition

7 Places To Find Inspiration In Chiang Mai

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From time to time, we all need to find ways to get our mojo back to make work and life exciting again. Rather than forcing that inspiration and creativity to ignite at the same working desk, you sit every day, sometimes you should go outside to try something new.

Here are 7 out-of-work activities from CLBS, a multinational company based in Chiang Mai who induced community-based activities to keep their team members inspired and enhance a strong bond among colleagues. If you are looking for an ideal and professional working environment at modern office facilities and values its employees as the biggest asset of the company, look up all open opportunities at

1. In a mud field

During the external team meeting, CLBS sent their German and Swiss team colleagues to learn all about Thai rice at Ginger Farm Chiang Mai. They suited up in Mor Hom, the traditional Thai farmer’s outfit, learned how rice is processed, how to cook rice in the traditional Thai style, met and took some pictures with a water buffaloม and got dirty like they enjoyed it as they were kids. 

2. In a potter’s house

While two teams enjoyed fresh air and mud, another German team went to a therapeutic hand-building pottery workshop to learn how to shape clay, glaze and fire their masterpieces at Yanim's Ceramic Studio which helped ease away extra stress and reveal their artistic side at the same time.

3. In front of a canvas and an easel

Brushstroke and pigments are good at keeping you focused. Need proof? The German, UK, and Spanish teams can guarantee that. They spent hours in front of their canvas without even noticing how much time had passed during the Acrylic Painting Workshop at The Warehouse - Paint Club. Since then, they found that their office looks a lot better with all the masterpieces hanging on the walls.

4. In the shade of Suthep mountain

Another German team discovered a peaceful forest house called Studio Naenna at Soi Chang khian where they joined a natural indigo tie-dye workshop, learned, and played with shibori techniques to make patterns and brought home the pieces of art they created. How happy were they? Look at those beaming smiles on their faces! 

5. In a kitchen

While other teams enjoyed getting into art and crafts, CLBS Italian colleagues went to Buddha Raksa Nature Farm to pick up some fresh ingredients for plant-based cooking. The workshop started with a farm tour before getting in the kitchen with fresh-picked vegetables. They learned how to cook banana blossoms deliciously, made Khao Soi, had pumpkin in sweet coconut milk as the dessert, and turmeric tea as an immune booster drink. Who says cooking is mundane? Forget that! It’s super fun and inspiring.

6. In the most beautiful miniature golf course in Chiang Mai

For the person who gains energy from being outdoorsy, CLBS French and Italian teams had recommended Hansa Mini Golf, a beautifully designed miniature golf course in Sansai that offers the guest a journey through fascinating world’s architectures at every pit stop: Stonehenge, Easter Islands, Pyramids, Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, and many more. It’s a combo of challenging activities and wonderful sightseeing, good for team building!

7. In a kayak

Last but not least, there’s nothing like an exhilarating kayaking excursion surrounded by natural splendor! CLBS French colleagues had a superb opportunity to experience nature while working together as a team in a fun and scenic environment of Mae Taeng Forest Reserve Jungle with Chiang Mai Mountain Biking & Kayaks.

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