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CLBS Field Trip 2020 - Whitewater Rafting

Here's a splash of this year’s CLBS Field Trip. We had a fantastic whitewater rafting with an excellence service of the @8Adventures team led by Eric, two-time world champion kayaker and his highly experienced team.

Our adventurous journey started in the late morning. It took one and half hours on a shuttle from Chiang Mai city to the 8Adventures camp in the off the beaten track mountain town of Mae Taeng. After getting a full safety briefing and the safety kit was put on, we're ready to be set off on the water. Two hours of rafting sounded like a very long journey at first, but the time went so fast and every second filled with lots of fun. Some of the sections gave us adrenaline pumping from the challenging rapids, some of them are surprisingly relaxing from all the breathtaking sceneries around. And one of the best parts was when we saw a group of elephants by the river. It truly felt like connecting with nature and our team members at the same time.

Was everyone having fun? All evidence is in the pictures!!

Total Photos :100

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