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CLBS Field Trip - Rice planting

Last Saturday, we took our employees to Ginger Farm Chiang Mai to get some sunshine and fresh air. We suit up in Mor Hom which is the traditional Thai farmer’s outfit and began our half-day activity with learning more about the types of rice in Thailand, the circle of rice and how the rice is planted. After the learning session, we went to the garden to pick up butterfly pea flowers to make the blue water. The staff of the farm taught us how to cook rice in the Thai traditional way by using the blue water to create the famous blue rice. We also got a chance to say hi and take pictures with Khao Neung (means sticky rice), a 5-year-old water buffalo. The highlight of the activity was to plant some rice by ourselves on the rice paddies under the clear sky. Our rice day was ended with sliding down on the mudslide and an organic healthy lunch which included our self-made blue rice. It was a day full of fun and new experience for our employees.
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