Living in Chiang Mai and working for CLBS is very interesting because you have plenty of things to do in your time off work. You can always discover new places in the city and visit the temples gathered either inside and outside the city.

The administration department takes care of everything regarding my staying here in Thailand, like working permit and Visa renewal. They are available and reliable for any issue, question and request you might have.

To me, coming to work in CLBS and to live in Thailand, was one of the best choices in my life. So, I would suggest applying for CLBS, to everybody who is looking for new adventures and a very nice, easy and no stress lifestyle.

I really love to discover new places with my motorbike, I also like to spend my time off work in nature. Finding breath-taking spots, going trekking in the jungle, discovering waterfalls or animal sanctuaries is an awesome opportunity for me.

Company is truly dynamic for what concerns the community, you can appreciate plenty of events inside and outside the office. For sure the company gives you the chance to appreciate more both, the Thai and Lanna cultures in many ways. I might spend hours talking about the pro of living here and working for CLBS, so just do your choice and improve your life.

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