My name is Johanna, I am 28 years old and I have been working with CLBS for nearly two years. I never really planned to come to Thailand, but after being invited to a friend’s wedding, I fell in love with Northern Thailand and decided to stay.

I was very happy finding CLBS. A reliable company which gives me the possibility to live in this beautiful town. Chiang Mai is a perfect balance between city life and incredibly beautiful nature.

I honestly can say that I never loved a city as much as Chiang Mai.

I felt very welcomed at CLBS from the beginning.

Caring for my visa, paying salary in time, ensuring a double health insurance as well as providing fresh fruits, coffee and massages for everyone.

As I decided to stay longer in Chiang Mai and CLBS, I’m grateful for the growing possibilities CLBS enables as well. Widening my horizon and having a career path is important for my personal evolving in order not to stand still. Without CLBS it would never be possible for me in Thailand.

What I like most about CLBS is the familiar atmosphere & flat hierarchies, our lounge with couches for a boosting powernap, the German bakery which delivers fresh goods every day, interesting workshops and most important enabling me to have a secure job outside of Europe.

I never grew personally as much as here in Chiang Mai. This city and this company are amazing.

It enables me a good life with high quality, which I’m deeply grateful for every day.

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