Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about the jobs in Thailand

CLBS Ltd. is well known as one of the biggest employers for European nationals in Northern Thailand and is located in Chiang Mai. The success of the company during the past years is not only reflected by an increasing number of foreign employees but also the number of Thai professionals has constantly grown. CLBS Ltd. provides an ideal and professional working environment at modern office facilities and values its employees as the biggest asset of the company.
The length of the process depends on a few factors. First, what is your intended start date? We always suggest applying 3 months before the desired date. After completing our recruiting process, you must book your flight and inform us of your arrival date.

Please apply online on our homepage and fill in the application form completely. Leave your contact details as e-mail-address and telephone number and enclose a detailed CV. A complete application with all necessary documents is important to prove your qualifications and work experiences at the Thai authorities in case of employment. We will use your personal data exclusively regarding your application process and employment at CLBS Ltd.

After submitting the application, you receive a confirmation letter and our HR Team gets back to you within a week to inform you about the further application process. Please regularly check your spam folder as e-mails from Thailand might end up there. You can also reach our HR Team via telephone if you do not receive any reply. The telephone number is: +66 810 24 80 80.
We offer an unlimited work contract and are looking for employees who are willing to work with us for at least one year.
We are a Thai company and adhere to Thai labour laws and conditions. You receive a basic salary of 26,500 THB per month. Further benefits as a quarterly cash bonus of 8,000 THB, daily fresh fruits and a weekly massage are provided. In addition, we also offer 24 days of paid leave and 5 days of unpaid leave a year. Employees of each department (UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy) are allowed their contractually agreed public holidays off.
You must apply for a Non-B-Business visa at a Thai embassy or consulate outside of Thailand. Our experienced staff prepares and provides you all necessary documents for the application and handles all the paperwork to apply for your work permit. You will need to apply for a 3-month business visa (single entry). The Non-B-Business visa will be transferred to a one-year visa after your arrival and will be extended if you decide to stay another year with us. You can apply for the visa 90 days before your arrival in Chiang Mai.
You will get Thai social insurance, which includes compulsory health insurance. You will be insured under the social security system of Thailand and the monthly contribution will be deducted from your salary. Furthermore, you must pay 3 months into your health insurance first before you can receive benefits. Because of this, we provide you with private insurance as well, with benefits available immediately. You will have insurance from the first day of your employment here in Thailand and you can expect excellent medical care around the clock.
Our working hours reflect the fact that we mostly serve the European market. We offer 24 hours/7 days a week service to our clients but are mainly active during the core European working hours of 7am - 7pm. Due to the time difference, our main working hours in Chiang Mai range from 11am to 1am. That means that you have enough time to enjoy the sun and warm weather at daytime, meet with colleagues for breakfast or lunch or do various types of sport to clear your head before starting your workday. You will receive your work schedule two weeks in advance.
We are an outsourcing company that assists small- and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers throughout Europe and Asia, which are supported by the Board of Investment here in Thailand.

At CLBS, you support our clients by taking on some of their daily tasks at busy or stressful times. You are the 'helping hand in the background' who will be relied upon by our clients whenever they are unable to handle their incoming phone calls. Your primary task will be the receipt and handling of customer enquiries by phone - about various topics and for various clients.
We pick you up from the airport and provide you a free apartment nearby the company for the first two weeks of your stay. Your new colleagues, our HR team and team leaders would like to provide you an easy start at CLBS Ltd. and are available for questions and back up anytime. Our administration team also supports you with the first important visit to the authorities. Furthermore, we established a buddy system which means that you have a contact person right from the beginning. He or she is dedicated to helping you quickly find your way around Chiang Mai and CLBS Ltd.

In the first two weeks you should find a long-term accommodation. But do not worry, finding an apartment or house is very easy in Thailand.
If you have more questions, please give us a call! You can reach us at +66 21 07 12 31 (international)