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Worlds come together at CLBS Ltd.

Dec 2013

As CLBS Ltd., is one of the biggest employers for Europeans in Northern Thailand and employs a rising number of Thai professionals as well, the company perks up both western as well as Thai traditions.

For all the foreign employees at CLBS Ltd. the end of the calendar year 2013 is coming. The company looks back on an exciting and successful year with special moments and events such as the collective Thai new year celebration, regular team meetings, the exciting company’s 8th anniversary in August and the organization of a flea market which helped raised money for the Stratton ABC Foundation and a children’s library. Christmas is another important event which will be celebrated at CLBS Ltd. on the first week of December. This year again, CLBS Ltd. has grown steadily and the company has expanded to rent further office space, according to Thai traditions the new facilities were blessed by Buddhist monk.

CLBS Ltd. Sticks to values and norms. The company pursues the goal to remain a responsible company both for their employees and the company both for their employees and the community. Be part of the multicultural CLBS team in 2014 and contribute to achieving the company’s goals as well as learning more about different cultures, habits and norms.