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Live and work in Chiang Mai with visa and work permit

Live and work in Chiang Mai with visa and work permit

Dec 2012

Chiang Mai Lanna Business Services Ltd. (CLBS) is a company that offers professional business support with an emphasis on secretarial duties for international companies. The office is located at the Airport Business Park near Chiang Mai Airport. CLBS Ltd. is the biggest employer for Europeans in Northern Thailand and offers long-term contracts to German, Spanish, Italian, French and English native speakers.

CLBS attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. The company actively demonstrates this by supporting charity events, as well as listening to their employees’ need. In September 2012 the company took a positive step towards acknowledging their employees’ needs and presented the CLBS Kindergarten to the Airport Business Park. Parents have the possibility to visit their children nearby, as well as be reassured their children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Also neighboring companies gave an enthusiastically warm welcome to the new addition. CLBS also invited other companies’ employees to bring their children to use the facilities as well.

The company’s family friendly mentality gives parents the opportunity to live and work abroad. Moreover, expectant mothers have the guarantee to continue working for CLBS after their maternity leave. Wage continuation is provided throughout. As the working time system is also flexible, CLBS helps to balance work and family as much as possible.