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FIELD TRIP - Rice Planting by CLBS

SEP 2019

Saturday, 14th September, about thirty members of the CLBS team took part in one of the most genuine cultural experiences to be had in Chiang Mai: an excursion into muddy fields for some hands-on rice planting at Ginger Farm Chiang Mai!

They clambered out of the songtaews and into “Mor Hom” to transform themselves into real Thai farmers. The half-day activity began with learning about rice cultivation, harvesting, and cooking techniques before the group headed into the garden to pick butterfly pea flowers, used as a natural dye for blue rice. Whilst the rice was cooking on the stove, the team was taken to meet the farm’s most relaxed water buffalo named “Khao Neung” which means “sticky rice” in Northern Thai language. The day’s highlight activity was the planting of rice, ankle-deep in the mud of the rice paddies under the clear morning sky, enjoying the therapeutic effects of gentle labor in natural surroundings. The final activity of the day was to shoot down a mudslide into a cooling muddy pool, before devouring a healthy organic lunch which included the self-made blue rice. It was a “rice” day, full of fun and new experiences for all the CLBS staff.

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