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Something to pleeze

Something to pleeze

Jan 2012

Enchanted by the charm of the Lanna Kingdom, centered on Chiang Mai?

Many people, both Thai and foreign, fall in love with this city. Some people, having visited Chiang Mai, return to it over and over again. Then again, some just don’t want to leave. They are more than glad to be under the spell of this beautiful multicultural city. Especially the international visitors find themselves feeling a sense of belonging here and regard the city as their new home. But nobody can be a tourist forever. Often it’s necessary to fine employment that will provide the means to go living here. Problem? Finding a job in a foreign country is not easy.

Chiang Mai Lanna Business Services or CLBS can help solve that problem for you.

CLBS was established in 2005. It is a company which provides its customers with support in their daily business and software development activities. With the international team of the Thai, German, English, French and Italian staff, CLBS is able to offer high quality service and solutions for a variety of needs.

As well as being Customer Care Specialists, CLBS is able to answer calls, arrange appointments and carry out tasks in order to help their customers focus on their main objectives. With the customer-care tasks, employees here have the opportunity to gain experience working in an international team, as well as improving or acquiring a second or third language.

CLBS employees also get a chance to participate in many local charity activities, experiencing the great pleasure of supporting children in need, soliciting donations and organizing events for them, as well as assisting non-profit organizations, such as the Northern Thailand Cancer Foundation or children’s homes. AS a result of participating in these activities, the CLBS employees’ perspectives toward Thailand are broadened as well.

The CLBS offices have an attractive décor and are well-equipped, as well as being surrounded by a well-arranged and maintained garden which augments the atmosphere and ensures a first class working environment. Additionally, the view includes a lush green mountains border Chiang Mai city.

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