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1st CLBS Health & Fitness week

Stay healthy and be happy!
In order to support our staff to stay healthy and be happy, we invited all to our 1st CLBS Health & Fitness week.
This event started with physical examinations carried out by professional therapists from a local physiotherapy called ChivaCare. It’s good that our staff have received guidelines how to improve and remain their fitness using items around the house such as a wall, door or the floor. We also got a chance to be part of a talk about office syndrome and how to prevent ourselves from it presented by Dr. Surat Tanprawate. As actions speak louder than words, the talk ended with a short exercise class which our staff can do in the office. Besides the talk about office syndrome, we also had a presentation about air pollution in Chiang Mai which was held by one of our colleagues.
Our CLBS Health and Fitness week will continue until Saturday and end with a Martial Art and Combat training to burn some extra calories!
#CLBShealthandfitnessweek2019 #itsmorethanjustajob

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