Life in Chiang Mai

Festivals and traditions are celebrated throughout the year in Chiang Mai, which adds to the colour and vibrancy of the city and which makes it one of the best places in Thailand to appreciate living and working.
Chiang Mai is ever growing and always changing. The cosmopolitan student area of Nimmenhamin Road is a very good example of how the city itself is changing and developing culturally.
With an ever-increasing large multi-national expat community, and the approachable manner of people in Chiang Mai this provides you with a great feel of the city.
Health Benefits
There is a healthy climate supported by the surrounding mountains, forest and green open space. As well as lots of good health services widely available at affordable prices.
Chiang Mai is the heart of a lot of cultural treasures of the North of Thailand, with plenty to keep entertained. With the rest of Asia a short flight away it is easy to explore the rest of the continent.
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Staff Testimonial


Ich arbeite seit April 2018 bei der CLBS in Chiang Mai. Es war schon seit langer Zeit ein grosser...