Life @ CLBS

The CLBS community is warm and welcoming. With such diverse individuals come a range of varying activities in Thailand they each enjoy being a part of, from fishing to elephant riding, or trying one of the new boutique coffee shops to having dinner then dancing the night away.

Everyone is involved in making the most of their days and actively researching and using the facilities in and around Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand. There are many things to see, do and be a part of.

In addition to all this, CLBS supports suggestions made from employees who find a charity based in Thailand they would like to advocate. We are always happy to help and provide provisions for victims of natural disasters and for animal shelters. Promoting the non-profit organisations increases awareness and provides necessary items to better equip families and individuals who are in crisis. By organising events and active participation, employees learn other aspects than only just work. It is also a chance to say a humble thanks to the community they are living in.

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