CLBS Healthy Salad Friday! Photos

Pick your salad. Choose your toppings and homemade dressing. Enjoy 😊
We ordered fresh salad boxes from an organic restaurant next door to treat all of our employees with a green crunchy meal on today’s CLBS Healthy Friday.
Every salad box was stuffed with different kind of salad leaves and ingredients like boiled eggs, almonds, pasta, olives, mushrooms or pumpkin. On top of it, a variety of veggies and fruits were offered to make this experience even better. The fridge was full of homemade dressings and the choice was definitely not an easy one. Yummy strawberries (which have been patiently cut by our team leader) gave it the final touch. Besides all the healthy benefits of lettuce, we are happy to send everyone in their weekend with an energy boost. #itsmorethanjustajob #clbsjobs

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