CLBS Halloween & Fasching 2017 Photos

One thing that people know about CLBS is that we love to celebrate as many special occasions as possible, so that we can pump our awesome employees full of food and happiness. Halloween and Fasching came to us a little late this year, but as everybody knows “it's better late than never”! You probably know the origins Halloween but for our non-German colleagues, in pre-Christian times, Fasching (Carnival in German), symbolized the driving out of winter and all of the cold and dark, evil spirits that came with it. Thus allowing for the bright and life-giving spirits of spring to take their place, and this is why we wear the scary masks. Fasching is mostly celebrated in southern Germany and Switzerland, but this year we decided to bring some of the brightness into Thailand (Don't tell the Thai ghosts!)

As you can see we celebrate this occasion with dressing up to win prizes and meeting in the communal area, lots of spookily themed, sweet and savoury treats. It was another day that put a big smile on everyone's face. #itsmorethanjustajob #clbsjobs

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