Loy Krathong Workshop 2017 Photos

The full moon night of the twelfth lunar month is back. It is time for Loy Krathong festival once again. The "Loy Krathong" translates to "float a basket", and comes from the tradition of making a krathong or buoyant, decorated basket, which are then floated on a river to pay respects to the goddess of water. Yi pengs (sky lanterns) are also released into the night sky creating a magical moment.

To celebrate and join in with Thai culture, CLBS hosted a Krathong making workshop for CLBS staff and members of the public to attend, at Kad Klag Wiang. Many people came and took part in creating their own, personalised Krathongs throughout the day. Thank you to everyone that attended and got involved, it was yet again a success! We hope that everyone enjoyed taking part in this special festival. #itsmorethanjustajob #clbsjobs

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