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Now La Befana (The Epiphany) festival is not just a day that is celebrated only in Italy anymore. Thanks to our Italian colleague who has introduced us to the La Befana day. According to tradition, La Befana is a witch-like woman riding on a broom, who refused to join the Wise Men on their journey to see the baby Jesus. When she regrets her decision, she sets out to bring gifts to the Child but never finds him. Instead, she leaves gifts for other children. Italian children leave out their shoes or put up socks for the Befana to fill.

Last week on La Befana day, CLBS made the day much more fun this year with a game of sock-pairing. We sent out our staff on a quest to find the missing sock of their pair in different departments. Many of them found their sock-mate and some of them are still looking. But after all, the experience was so much fun and the socks were filled with lots of candies. It was a great event to start the year 2017!
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