CSR - Orphanage at Wat Don Chan Photos

As part of CLBS tradition to give back to the community, a team of CLBS staff visited the orphanage at Wat Don Chan and spend the Saturday with the children.

The staff of CLBS played games with the children, gave gifts and donations that were collected before Christmas at the office of CLBS and provided the lunch for the children.

There are 700 children living here who have been orphaned - many due to the death of their parent(s) from HIV - or because their parent(s) are currently in prison. All of the children come from the Hill Tribe areas around Chiang Mai.

As well as basic care and safety, the temple has also set up a school to educate the children, so that the disadvantages they have already suffered do not continue to impact their futures. The temple receives some financial assistance from the a network of volunteers. Even with this place, the organization will always need more support to provide any level of care. You can find more information on their website: http://www.watdonchankids.com/

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