CLBS Sports Day Photos

On Saturday, 20th June, CLBS again celebrated its annual „Sports Day“.

This year we dedicated this day to organise a huge Beach-Volleyball tournament.

Five Teams competed against each other to win the amazing „CLBS Trophy“.
For the players, no jump was too high, no ball out of reach and no stunt too dangerous, to win this competition.

In the end one of our French teams got the title, and therefore we wanted to officially say: CONGRATULATIONS, as you really gave everything and deserved that trophy.

But not only the players were there to enjoy themselves, also a huge crowd of colleagues was joining, to support their favorite team.

And of course, after hours of sweating, competing and giving everything, there needed to be a treat for our exhausted crowd.
Therefore we also want to say THANK YOU to all our colleagues who prepared and provided some food (and yes…it was a lot of food) so we all could afterwards enjoy the afternoon eating delicate food from different countries.

This event has again been proven, that the diversity and mixture of people from so many different countries and cultures is a once in a lifetime experience that I am happy to be part of.

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