CLBS on Tour in Germany - 2014 Photos

Since we had a huge success with our tour in 2013 and many requests for 2014 already, we decided to come back this year and do another Tour through Germany.

Cordula Kellner (HR Manager) and Ana Richardson (HR Assistant) made their way back to Germany to introduce our company directly to people willing to work in Thailand. This year we decided to visit four of the biggest cities in Germany. In September the tour started in Munich and went through Bonn, Hamburg and ended in Berlin at the Bilingual Fair.

In Munich we had a warm welcome as we were surprised to find the summer had come back to Germany. We had planned our event at the same time as the Oktoberfest, which actually worked positively for us. Those who attended were solely in the city to meet us and collect more information about the company, as well as additional information about living in Thailand. There was a collection of different nationalities who attended the meeting. We also had families who were interested to relocate and appreciated our facilities including the Kindergarten.

In Bonn we were happy to meet some successful candidates as well as an ex-employee. They were able to confirm the whole procedure, as well as what was required in regards to the necessary documents etc. to our interested candidates. Our candidates were most impressed by our presentations and benefits we offer to our employees.

In Hamburg we also had a good number of people appear who had prepared themselves and presented us with some great questions about working and living in Thailand. Some were already in the application process and had come to meet with us in person as they were curious to get more of a concrete understanding of the job and the company. Many found the presentation to be informative and were keen to see how their application process went.

At the Bilingual Fair the people were very excited to see that there was also an opportunity to live and work in Thailand. Some had never been to Thailand and were curious about how they could work there. There were many who had just arrived in Berlin especially for the Bilingual Fair and some who had just moved to Berlin and were tempted to relocate again to Asia. People were queuing up to speak with us and give us their CVs. While they waited patiently to talk with us, they watched the videos we had prepared and they expressed positive comments about the environment of the office and were interested by the sights of Chiang Mai.

Many thanks to everyone who met us in Germany for lots of fun and interesting talks. We have already received many applications. For those who didn´t find the time to visit us, just have a look on our homepage for our open positions and apply online – NOW!

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