CLBS Ltd. on tour in Chiang Mai Photos

Meet and greet our CLBS Ltd. HR Team at the flower festival

We are successful, we grow steadily and you can be part of our team!
To spread the word about our job opportunities we made our way to the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai last weekend. Our colorful stall caught the attention of many visitors and we had the chance to provide them with much information about working at CLBS and living in this amazing city.
Our employees are motivated and passionate about working and living in Chiang Mai and we were glad to meet many open-minded people with the same ambition.

Since CLBS always aims to follow its social responsibilities, we offered the Stratton ABC Foundation to join us for the event. The kids had prepared some nice handicrafts for sale and they were very happy to collect some extra money for their foundation.

All in all, the Flower Festival was a great success for everybody and we look forward to seeing you at our next event to meet and greet our CLBS HR team.

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