CLBS Health Event - April 21, 2012 Photos

Last Saturday our second Health Event took place at Eco Resort in Chiang Mai to provide CLBS employees, their friends and families with different health suggestions.

We started the event with swimming and chilling at the pool. For lunch CLBS contributed a yummy buffet of healthy vegetarian food to boost their employees after a one hour yoga class for beginners. After we filled our empty stomachs with cooked vegetables, baked eggplant, vegetable soup, fruits, fresh juices and the best Khao Soi ever, we also got an introduction in hypnosis as a useful instrument for stress management. For most of us, it was a completely new experience to focus our mind on one thing and exclude everything else.

For total relaxation there was also a Lanna Roller Massage Workshop and stretching techniques. We also had a health quiz about topics of the human body, sports, cosmetics, food, drugs and medicine to create health awareness amongst the employees. Did you know that our body takes around 12 hours to digest food completely? Finally our colleague Stefanie taught us how to prepare some raw food like green squash salad and a cake topped with whipped cream. We couldn't believe how delicious raw food could be and at the end all the prepared food was quickly eaten.

Now we have enough power for the next working days and good advice for a more healthy life ;) A big thank you to the organizers and instructors who made the Health Event as successful as last year.

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