CLBS values and maintains strong relationships with universities and educational institutions in Northern Thailand. Focusing on the support of academic development of students in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand has proven to be a successful for all parties involved. Providing expertise as well as resources to universities and their students and in return gaining experience and receiving plenty of input, CLBS is excited to be long-term partner and pioneer in various programs.


CLBS is proud to collaborate with the College of Arts, Media and Technology of the Chiang Mai University since 2009. The collaboration includes different projects like regular Software Camps and Workshops with the students as well as participation in ShowPro events. Last but not least, CLBS is a partner since many years providing internships to software engineering students of CAMT.

CLBS + Work Integrated Learning

CLBS is part of the Work integrated Learning Alliance. This program aims to integrate learning activities while students are working in companies, learning from real world problem. The goal is to prepare students before their graduation in a way a normal internship program would not able to achieve. CLBS is one of the members of the committee which consists of five universities, one government agencies and a few selected businesses in Chiang Mai. The committee is working on developing a process and tools in order to roll out this way of learning to more students and companies across Northern Thailand.

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