CLBS Benefits

CLBS rely on the happiness of their staff to create outstanding customer service. To create this atmosphere management have made themselves flexible and approachable to their employees’ needs with an open door policy.
Employees’ professional performance is acknowledged by a competitive salary as well as performance rewards. Good work should be rewarded accordingly.
CLBS offers various benefits to their employees, such as massages, Thai language courses, fresh fruites and many more, all for free.
CLBS offers individuals the opportunity to work abroad in an international company. They are also supportive of employees who have experience and knowledge and offer the chance to grow within the company.
Employees get a brilliant opportunity to practice their language skills with their German, Swiss, Italian, French, Spanish, British and Thai colleagues. Working within their teams unites individuals from various backgrounds and ages.
Working in a different culture with diverse sets of people means that everyone adapts and also contributes within an accepting arena.
Within your teams you get the opportunity not only to work with your colleagues but see them in a social setting and get to know them better.
The community is approachable to all and is supportive and becomes more like family from the first day working with CLBS.
Being in Chiang Mai, you get the chance to learn the Thai etiquette as well as the language and explore the local surroundings and find out more about Thailand’s history and its present too.
CLBS has grown in Chiang Mai and is now one of the biggest employer for foreigners. It has been actively involved in festivities and organised events to donate to charities. The company takes care of ensuring their employees are aware of the community they live in.
CLBS is aware of their impact on the environment. They encourage and teach their staff of healthy alternatives as well as sustainability. Our “Green Team” encouraging recycling and conserving energy.
CLBS offers a sponsored childcare for all employees with small children. All kids from 0 until 5 years old will be taken care of during their parents working time in our company-owned kindergarten. Moreover, mothers with small children have the opportunity to work in part time from 25 hours/week onwards.
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